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2023 Vendor Applications

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming 2023 Illinois State Fair. We are looking forward to another year of great entertainment, fantastic food and gathering to celebrate Illinois. 

Application Process for New Vendors

To participate as a new vendor during the upcoming 2023 Fair, download an application by clicking on the link below. A color photo or detailed drawing of your trailer and/or intended set-up must be submitted with your application. If you were referred to the Illinois State Fair by another participating vendor, please note that on your application.

Vendors should not submit samples, payment or a Certificate of Insurance at this time. This is only an application and submittal of this application does not guarantee space. All submitted material becomes the property of the Illinois State Fair.

The Vendor/Exhibitor Information Booklet is a part of participating in our event. Please review this information prior to applying. Generally, the information doesn’t change drastically from year to year but updates are made prior to each Fair. Vendors/exhibitors should read through it every season to stay current.

Please be aware that vendors are expected to be in place, set up and ready for business by the morning of Thursday, August 10,2023. Regular working hours will be observed on the first day of the Fair.

Selection Process

Exhibitors and vendors/concessionaires from the previous year are offered the opportunity to return providing they met expectations and are in good standing with the Illinois State Fair as well as the Illinois Department of Revenue. Return Invitations are sent out mid-December, due back to the Space Rental Office by February 1st. New vendors can expect to be offered spaces after returning vendors have confirmed their decision regarding participating in the upcoming Fair. 

Generally, the Illinois State Fair receives more new vendor applications than available space. Management reviews all applications taking into consideration size, electrical needs, type of product/services, attractiveness of booth/trailer, sanitation requirements, as well as revenue potential to the Department. Vendors with unique products have a greater chance of being selected and placed in prime locations.

Contracts and Payments

Contracted vendors/exhibitors will need to submit a signed contract, Certificate of Insurance and payment, due by July 1st. Payment can be made by check, cashier’s check, money order or credit card. 

Further information can be found at the below links:

Return the application and photo to:

Illinois State Fair
Attn: Space Rental Office
P. O. Box 19427
Springfield, IL 62794 - 9427

Fax:  217.782.8362

- OR -

If you should have any additional questions, please contact Kimberley Wilcox at 217.785.1980 or