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The following equipment is available from the Illinois State Fairgrounds upon request. All equipment MUST be requested on the event application. Equipment rental is subject to availability. All equipment rental will incur a separate labor fee for delivery and removal.

Available Equipment Rate
Auction Block click for larger pictureAuction Block $15.00
Ag Dividers $5.00
Barricades $5.00
Bleachers (50 seats) $50.00
Bleachers (143 seats) $75.00
Bulletin Board click for larger pictureBulletin Boards $5.00
Bucking Chutes $50.00
Calf Chutes $50.00
Cattle Head Chutes $25.00
Cattle Panels $10.00
Chairs (extra) $1.00
Coat Racks $5.00
Concrete Barriers $20.00
Crowd Control Gate click for larger pictureCrowd Control Gates $10.00
 easel click for larger pictureEasels $1.00
Fans (box) $5.00
Fans (pedestal) $10.00
Horse Jumps $10.00
Information Booths $35.00
Judges Tables $5.00
Livestock Scales $250.00
Livestock Tanks $5.00
Picnic Tables $5.00
Podiums $5.00
Riser click for larger pictureRisers (4' x 8') $20.00
Rodeo Gates $10.00
Snow Fencing (per roll) $3.00
Tables (extra) 5' x 30" $3.00
Ticket Booth click for larger pictureTicket Booths $35.00
White Picket Fence click for larger pictureWhite Picket Fence click for larger pictureWhite Picket Fence $10.00
Wood Counters $10.00
Stage click for larger pictureStage (4' x 4' section) $10.00
Metal Round Counters $10.00
Metal Counters $15.00

Limited six-foot long and five-foot long banquet tables and chairs are available in designated facilities on the fairgrounds. If additional tables and chairs are desired, you MUST request them in advance through the Non-Fair Events Office. If approved, there is a cost for rental and labor to deliver and pick up any additional equipment or items requested. Any special utilities, crafts labor, services, materials, delivery or pick up will be additional expenses.