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Supply Lots

Supply lots are available to those vendors who choose to keep a personal storage unit on site for the Illinois State Fair. These supply unit parking spots are available for the convenience of our vendors. Sleeping in a supply unit is not allowed and violators will be subject to immediate removal with no refund granted.

Supply lots are in different areas around the grounds and have a limited number of spaces available. You can view a map of the supply lots here. Vendors desiring to rent a supply unit parking space during the Illinois State Fair must fully complete an application and submit it to the Space Rental Office for consideration. Permits are granted on a first applied, first granted basis.

All storage units must be parked in the approved, designated supply lots assigned by the Space Rental Office. It is mandatory that each storage unit be properly identified while in a supply lot – permits must match the license plate on the submitted application and must have the permit placard displayed so it is clearly visible from the outside. These units will NOT be allowed to move for the duration of the Fair. Supply lots will be checked by the Department. If any storage unit or vehicle is found in violation or illegally parked, the storage unit/vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense. 

Further detailed information can be found at the below links:

Supply Lots Rates

Supply Lot Storage Cost

  • Supply lot with electrical hook-up:    $200
  • Supply lot with no electricity:    $100

Supply Lot Electric Cost

  • 110v / 30 AMP:    $150 / each hook-up
  • 110v / 50 AMP:    $300 / each hook-up
  • 110v / 100 AMP:    $450 / each hook-up

Dry storage or extra units that will be neither accessed nor moved for the duration of the Fair may be parked in specifically designated parking lots near Gate 7 or in the half mile track infield.  There is no cost for these locations. Contact the Space Rental Office for further information.

If you should have any additional questions, please contact Kimberley Wilcox at 217.785.1980